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We are a young and dynamic company. Our main activity is the purchase/sale, recovery and recycling of non-ferrous metals.

In 2018 we opened our branch in Spain. Our facilities are located in (Alaquas), Valencia and in (Minglanilla), Cuenca.

About Us

MIRADA LEVANTE S.L. is a scrap metal recycling and trading company. The recycling plant with facilities of more than 15,000 square meters for the recovery of copper and aluminium is located in Minglanilla, Cuenca. The central office with a scrap storage area of 3,000 square meters is located in Alaquas, Valencia.

MIRADA LEVANTE S.L. is the company with great ideas, passion and a professional team with a clear vision to protect the environment. The company is located in a good geographical location near the fifth busiest port in Europe and the largest in the Mediterranean region, this allows us to organize the transport of materials more quickly and efficiently.

We are an innovative company that uses the latest processing technologies using minimal resources to achieve the best quality of final products. This allows us to offer competitive prices to suppliers of metals and the best quality raw materials to customers

MIRADA LEVANTE S. L. is a member of the Spanish Recovery and Recycling Federation (FER), a gold member of the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) and a member of RECOVINYL


We are always ready to start a new business dialogue with future customers and suppliers!

We always comply with current regulations

We adhere to the Collaboration Protocol on Radiological Surveillance of metallic materials to detect and control the presence of radioactive matter in scrap. We apply the protocol for the purchase of materials to fight against illegal trafficking in metals.

We organize fast and efficient service

We provide an agile and efficient collection service for companies and industries.

We work nationally and internationally

We are a global operator in the metal recovery sector.

Our main activity is recovery, separation and processing of copper cables and aluminum profiles.
As a result of our processing, we offer and sell products of the following qualities:
– Copper grit nr.1 (1A> 99.9%; 1B> 99.5%)
– Copper grit nr.2 (> 98.50%)
– Fragmented aluminum 6063 passed through the X-ray machine (fractions 0-12, 12-60)



Our centers are fully dedicated to the purchase, storage, recovery, transformation and recycling of metals, always complying with current regulations. We have the most modern and effective machines installed, which allow us to achieve high productivity and product quality.


May, 2018-  constitition Mirada Levante SL,

October, 2018 –opening of metaltrading center, Alaquas (Valencia)


January, 2019- commissioning of the shredding line for electrical cables,  Alaquas (Valencia)

August, 2019 – acquisition of industrial warehouse Minglanilla (Cuenca). Reform and adaptation works.


August, 2020- start-up of the electrical cable recycling line, Minglanilla (Cuenca)

October, 2020 – start-up of the aluminum recycling line, Minglanilla (Cuenca)


January, 2021- acquisition of a plot to expand the storage area, Minglanilla (Cuenca)

March, 2021- acquisition of an industrial warehouse for the plastics recycling plant, Minglanilla (Cuenca)

May, 2021- start of the PVC recycling project, Minglanilla (Cuenca)


January, 2022- by billing level the company acquires status of Large company

March, 2022- start-up of the first phase of the copper recovery and PVC recycling plant, Minglanilla (Cuenca)


We are a company committed to the environment.

We have a highly professional team.

We have modern and versatile machinery.

“End of waste” certification:
We have extensive experience in the import and export of scrap metal and metals.

Waste management certificate:
Our main clients in the industrial sector are refineries, foundries, extruders; both national and international.

Certificate of Waste Transport:
We offer an extensive collection service for recyclable material at a national and international level.

Mirada Levante S.L.

NIF B40504946
Address : P.I. Fuente de los arrieros, Sector 5, Parcela 20ª 16260, Minglanilla, Cuenca, Spain